Main achievements over the last years:
• Senior Risk Advisor at SNS Assets Management.
• Head of Operational Risk Management a.i. at Mn Services.
• Assisted Rabobank in a project to enhance their ORM and AMA framework.
• Assisted RBS with their AMA qualification project.
• Project Manager of the world-wide AMA qualification of the ABN AMRO Bank.
• Built up the OpRisk discipline within ABN AMRO from scratch, starting with 4 FTE at Group level in 2000 to over 150 FTE world-wide. Includes the world-wide roll-out of Operational Risk governance, policies and tools.
• Built up a very well valued department of Project Managers (15-20 FTE) within the Investment Banking environment. Run that department for many years.
• Experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing and Product Support (Fokker), Finance and Risk Management environment (ABN AMRO).
• Over 24 years of experience in Project Management and Line Management positions. In all management positions responsible for managing professionals (HBO/Academic level).
• Four dominant Leadership Styles (Authoritative, Affiliative, Democratic, Coaching) and a "world-class" Organisational Climate in a Hay survey.

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